The Governance of Mistakes: An Essential Board Competence in a Turbulent World - IFB
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17 Out 2024 - 18 Out 2024


9:30 - 17:00



The Governance of Mistakes: An Essential Board Competence in a Turbulent World


CAdm’s Chairmen, CEOs, Executive and Non-Executive Directors, Members of Fiscal Boards, Members of Audit Committees and other Bank’s Core Functional Directors



  • Strategic Error Management (SEM)
  • Identification and Treatment of Errors in Organizations
  • Data Issues & Risks
  • How to build highly trusted organizations
  • How AI will affect both the banks’ SEM practices and their board governance practices



The first half day is dedicated to exploring the topic, defining what it consists of, how it is relevant to organizations and their managers, and the taxonomy it uses.  Cases will be used and examined from the SEM angle, notably the downfall of FORTIS and the Kerviel rogue trader affair at SOCGEN.  We discuss what their respective boards might have done, given that both crises have their roots in errors of a strategic nature for FORTIS and of a more operational nature for SOCGEN.

The second half day will be devoted to discussing more recent examples, all having occurred after the Global Financial Crisis.  These include the Wells Fargo cross selling disaster, the downfall of SVB in California, and the collapse of Crédit Suisse.

During the third half-day, participants will be invited to discuss and evaluate their corporate strategies on SEM in subgroups and share their insights with all participants.



Peter Nathanial

Is an IMD Executive in Residence and co-founder and co-Director of IMD’s Bank Governance Program. A Former Group Chief Risk Officer and member of the Executive Committee of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, he is a Former Global Head of Risk Oversight at Citigroup.

Ludo Van der Heyden

Became a Distinguished Scholar at IMD in September 2022. He supports IMD’s developmental activities and programs in the banking sector, including the Bank Governance program. Ludo is the founding Academic Director of INSEAD’s Corporate Governance Centre (ICGC) and was co-Dean of INSEAD (1990-1995).