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Advanced Digital Banking – Banking Innovation Tactics and Strategies

Advanced Digital Banking 3.0′ looks at global best practices of PHYGITAL banking.

Incumbent, traditional, bricks and mortar banks are in the vital process of digital transition. While MILLENNIALS and GEN Z are the clients of the near future, banks also have to keep, respect and improve their ties to the BABY BOOMER segment.

This requires the PHYGITAL approach: efficient, modern and moderate physical presence combined with full scale digital excellence.

In this 2 Day Advanced Program we examine concepts such as: Coopetition, Accelerators, Agile, Cloud Banking, Corporate Venture Capital, Innovation Labs, Intrapreneurship, Platformification, Digital Ecosystems, Pretotyping, Innovation Scouting, Digital Skills Gap, Organizational Culture and Structure, Ambidextrous Strategy, Christensen Model of Disruption, Exponential Product Adoption, Digital Services Pricing and much more.


Top management and Mid management and IT, Retail, Digital Channels, Product Development, Lending, Risk, Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Branch Network, Social Media, SME, Asset/Wealth Management, Back Office, Innovation.





09.00-09.30 Welcome, Introduction and Warmup
09.30-10.45 1. The Strategic Challenge: DIGITAL AND PHYSICAL

  • The FinTech Revolution: ICT as a GPT (General Purpose Technology), 30 Key Emerging Areas of Financial Technology
  •  New Players in Banking: FinTech Startups, TechFin Giants GAFA BAT, Neo Banks, MNOs (Mobile Network Operators)
  •  Theory of Banking Transition: The Banking Innovation Paradox, The Red Queen Effect (Evolutionary Biology in Banking), Moore’s Law and Metcalfe’s Law, Information Cascades
11.00-12.30 2. Primary Banking Innovation Strategies: PHYGITAL IN PRACTICE

  • Three Key Forms of Corporate Innovation:Efficiency Innovation, Sustainability Innovation, Disruptive Innovation
  • The Seven Characteristics of Disruptive Innovation: Quality, Price, Demographics, Business Model, Middle, Defence, Time
  • The Christensen Strategy: Systematic Allocation of Resources
  • The Ambidextrous Organization Strategy:Profit and Growth
  • The Toyota Strategy: Dual Roles, Innovation Super Committee
13.30-14.45 3. Secondary Banking innovation Strategies: SCOUTING

  • TRIZ Strategy: The 42 Key Characteristics of Innovation
  • Three Horizons Strategy: H1, H2, H3 -> Linking HR and Strategy
  • Govindarajan’s Three Box Strategy: Turning Legacy into Lead
  • Ecosystem Strategy: Tencent, Discovery, Ping An, Alibaba, DBS
  • Inside-Out vs Outside-In Innovation: BBVA vs Santander
  • Case Study: Min-Max Strategy, ICICI Bank
15.00-17.00 4. The 7 Deadly Innovation-Strategy Mistakes to Avoid: BE AGILE

  • L’Art Pour L’Art Innovation: Qualitative vs Quantitative Innovation
  • The NOKIA Trap: The Deadly Power of Digital Convergence
  • The KODAK Trap: Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast
  • Competitive Arrogance: JP Morgan versus Sberbank
  • Innovation Paralysis: The Big Corporate Blame-Game
  • Linear Myopia: FS vs Tech AdoptionHYPERSCALABILITY
  • Tactical Mirage: PayPal from Palo Alto, SelfPay from Toronto
  • Case Study: SWIFT vs R3 Blockchain Alliance, Innovation Arrogance, Lack of agility, Innotribe – the innovation arm of SWIFT – what is wrong, From Telex to SWIFT, from SWIFT to R3 and Ripple




09.00-09.30 Refreshing Day One and Warmup
09.30-10.45 5. Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, GEN Z: THE DIGITAL SKILLS GAP

  • Culture: Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast, Innovation Risks in Practice
  • Organizational Structure: Bionic Banking in a Phygital Age
  • Millennial Employees: Crowdsourcing, Digital Participative Benefits, Millennials in the Boardroom, ‘The Twitter Management Style’
  • GEN Z: Instant Generation, P2P Generation, Sharing Generation, UX
  • Selling Digital to Boomers: Digital Modesty, Innovation Communication
  • Case Study: The Social Aspect of Money, The Venmo Phenomenon
11.00-12.30 6. Primary Banking Innovation Tactics: BIONIC BANKING IN PRACTICE

  • CVC: Corporate Venture Capital and the legend of ‘The Triple Bottom-line’
  • Innovation Labs: Co-Labs, Research Labs, Showcase Labs, Best Labs
  • Acceleration, Incubation: From SWIFT to RISE and Startup Bootcamp
  • Intrapreneurship vs Acquihire: From Google to Barclays
  • New Positions: Design, CX, FinTech, Open Innovation,
  • Platformification: Data Synergies, Cross Financing, Simplicity in Action
  • Case Study: Starling Bank, Monzo, Monese and Zopa from the UK
13.30-14.45 7. Secondary Banking Innovation Tactics: COOPETITION IN ACTION

  • The NEO Branch: Digital Showcase, Touch Screens, Extended Branch, Mini Branch, Profitable Branches of East Asia in HK, Multibrand Branch
  • Digital Pricing: Surge Pricing, Decoy Pricing, Software Pricing, Freemium in Banking, Turning Data into Revenue while being GDPR Compliant
  • Hyperpersonalization: Turning Data into Design, Geolocational Targeting
  • The Channel Tactics: Alexa and Siri in Banking, Intelligent Chat Robots
  • Case Studies: When Competition and Cooperation Coexist to Create New Quality – TransferWise from UK, PayPal form USA, Grab from Singapore, KAKAO Bank from South Korea
15.00-17.00 8. Summary

  • Concepts
  • Tools
  • Trends
  • ‘To-Do’s
  • Resources

Evaluation and Termination of the Seminar



TRAINER:  Mr. David Gyori

CEO of Banking Reports (London), Co-Author of ‘The FINTECH Book’ (international best seller published by Wiley & Sons), Judge of the European FinTechAwards (Amsterdam), Founding Member of the World FinTechAssociation (Seoul), Featured Writer of Finance Magnates (Tel Aviv).